Arsenic Causing Gallbladder Cancer Disease near the Himalayan bound Rivers in Bihar: A Case study of Gallbladder Cancer

Author(s): Arun Kumar, Ravi C, Sameer Dhingra, Krishna Murti, Mohammad Ali, Ashok Kumar Ghosh

A Gallbladder cancer patient was studied for the etiology of the risk factors, in which it was observed that, the patient was with the disease in very advanced stage and had arsenic contamination in his biological samples more than the permissible limit. Moreover, during the time of his diagnosis he was consuming arsenic contaminated water, more than the WHO permissible limit of 10μg/L. The patient’s household was also in the vicinity of two Himalayan bound rivers. The study correlates that arsenic could be the probable cause of the Gallbladder cancer disease in the patient. Furthermore, studies are also required to establish the link between them.

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