After Years of Medical Wandering, A Diagnosis of Chronic Babesiosis Saves A Patient

Author(s): Alexis LACOUT, Ahed ZEDAN, Christian PERRONNE

This is the case of a 36-year-old immunocompetent, non-splenectomized female patient presenting with a "polymorphic persistent syndrome after a possible tick bite" (SPPT), a syndrome officially recognized by the French High Authority for health (HAS). The patient’s syndrome combined major asthenia, neurological and cognitive disorders (concentration and memory difficulties) and polymorphic somatic signs (muscular, joint and neurological pain, night sweats, chills, etc.) which had been evolving for several years. Babesia serology and PCR were positive. After an initial exacerbation of symptoms, a combined treatment was spectacularly effective. The patient has now been in complete remission for several years

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