A Thoroughgoing Detail of Surgical Dressings

Author(s): Mohiuddin AK

Surgical enrichment/dressings are applications for wounds, burns, and ulcers. They should be regarded as supportive of healing; are desirable but not essential in an emergency. There are currently hundreds of dressings on the market to aid in wound management. Before selecting a dressing for a particular wound, a practitioner must assess carefully the needs of the wound to understand which dressing would provide maximal benefit. Frequently, there is not one clear best choice, and it is crucial that the pros and cons of each dressing modality be understood. This article has provided a framework to assist in dressing assessment. This article reviews measurement of wound healing and the functions of wound dressings. A variety of dressings and their respective details are discussed.

Purpose of the study: Discussion and projection of surgical supplies.

Findings: Modern world and technology gave rise to various way of wound healing with enrichments. Almost all sorts of enrichments are available in surgical outlets, a few of them are confined to hospital settings.

Materials and Methods: Research conducted a comprehensive year-round literature search, which included books, technical newsletters, newspapers, journals, and many other sources. Medicine and surgery experts, company executives and sales people were interviewed. Projections were based on different types of surgical supplies available in home and abroad.

Research limitations: Pictorial presentation of so many types of dressings are not possible to reproduce in an article but for a quick review, the article comprises most of them. Also, sutures are not detailed which will be encompassed by the next article.

Practical implication:

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