A Review of Ultrafine Particle-Related Pollution during Vehicular Motion, Health Effects and Control

Author(s): Avdesh Bhardawaj, Gazala Habib, Arun Kumar, Sandeep Singh and Arvind Kumar Nema

Given the increasing vehicular pollution and emission of ultrafine particles (UFP) from it, there is growing concern regarding environmental and health effects worldwide. Although research has been done to examine such effects but a composite literature review of such studies is lacking. It is intended to review the historical developments, present position and forthcoming trends of such research. The scope of this review encompasses formation, release, health effects and control of traffic generated UFPs and re-suspended from the roads and emanating from road tyre abrasion. PRISMA approach for reviewing literature has been followed. A database literature search examining such effects was carried out at Google scholar, PubMed, circulation and web of science etc. The criterion selected was peer-reviewed, empirical, original articles, research and review papers up to July 2017. Overall 279 research and review papers, conference papers, reports, book chapters and lectures were studied and 206 ultimately incorporated in this review article. The developments in this field are discussed and recommendations suggested. This paper analyses the status of UFP related pollution during vehicular motion and reviews the current literature of the research done in this field. More scientific research pertaining to health and environmental effects of vehicular UFPs is needed, especially in developing countries, to support the policy framings.

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