A Pragmatic, Individually Randomised, Open-Label, Retrospective Study of The Efficacy of Topical Therapy with Framycetin in The Treatment of Exacerbation of Chronic Nasopharyngitis

Author(s): Vasyl I. Popovych, Ivana V. Koshel

The treatment efficacy of chronic nasopharyngitis with systemic antibacterial agents is low. The ineffectiveness of antibiotic therapy is thought to be related to nasopharyngeal bacterial biofilms. The prospect is to influence the bacteria stored in the biofilm, particularly using topical antibacterial agents.

Study Purpose: to determine the effect of topical antibacterial therapy with framycetin and add-on treatment on the progression of clinical symptoms in patients with exacerbation of CNP.

Methods: In a pragmatic, individually randomised, open-label, retrospective study, 143 patients receiving endonasal therapy with framycetin solution supplementary to conventional therapy with isotonic seawater solution or additional administration of antihistamines and antiviral agents were randomised. Assessment criteria: reduction in symptom severity: nasal discharge, postnasal drip, hyperaemia, mucosal oedema, assessed using 5-point MSS scale at each visit compared to visit 1, and the course of hyperthermia.

Results: Endonasal therapy with framycetin solution in exacerbation of CNP contributes to the reduction in the severity of the main clinical symptoms in patients of the treatment and control groups. Reduction in the severity of clinical symptoms correlates with a significant decrease in hyperthermia in patients of both groups. Additional administration of antiviral and antihistamine agents does not affect the course of clinical symptoms due to exacerbation of chronic nasopharyngitis.

Conclusion: Framycetin solution for endonasal therapy is a safe and effective agent for etiotropic treatment of exacerbation of chronic nasopharyngitis, and provides a significant therapeutic effect.

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