A Phenomenological Exploration of Women’s Lived Experiences During their Pregnancy Lifecycle

Author(s): Ashley J Blount, Charmayne R Adams, Kara M Schneider, Gurudutt Pendyala, Ann L Anderson-Berry, Corrine Hanson

When considering peri-and-post natal health, there are several biopsychosocial risk factors at play. Biological, psychological, and social health factors are significant in contributing to maternal wellbeing and influencing maternal morbidity/mortality [1]. The Covid-19 pandemic had significant impacts on general populations and on vulnerable groups such as pre-peri-and-post natal women [2]. In previous epidemics, pregnant women were reluctant to attend hospitals and doctors’ appointments due to fear of infection [3]. Covid-19 has shown similar effects [2] and as such, risks associated with the pregnancy lifecycle have increased. A phenomenological investigation found themes of women experiencing negative healthcare, struggles with self-advocacy, heightened challenges for Women of Color, financial instability, increased anxiety, lower social support, lower physical wellbeing, and overall negative experiences related to being pregnant and/or in the pregnancy lifecycle during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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