A New Format for the Italian National Health System: from Hospital to Patient-Centric Care

Author(s): Matteo Maria Cati

This paper explores the challenges and opportunities of implementing a groundbreaking data-driven and patient-centric approach in the Italian National Health System (N.H.S.). Italy's healthcare system is currently divided into regional subsystems, which leads to fragmented data sets and limited communication between regions. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for interoperability and data-driven solutions in healthcare. This paper emphasizes the paramount importance of collecting, updating, and storing population health data in interoperable repositories at regional, national, and international levels. It illuminates the intrinsic relationship between data-centricity and achieving patient-centric care. To accomplish this revolutionary shift, the paper proposes extensive digitization efforts, the introduction of cutting-edge telemedicine projects, and a strong emphasis on prevention. Additionally, the demographic trends of an aging population further reinforce the necessity of a data-driven approach to effectively manage chronic illnesses and optimize government spending on healthcare. In conclusion, this paper presents a compelling argument that, by wholeheartedly embracing a data-driven approach, fostering interoperability, and implementing necessary reforms, the Italian N.H.S. can overcome its current challenges and deliver unparalleled healthcare outcomes for its population.

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